This is not your average pre-roll

High CBD. Low THC.
100% Hell Yes.

Our pre-rolls are a blend of CBD and THC cannabis. We just go a little heavier on the CBD. Basically, this means you actually ENJOY your experience without feeling like you’re sinking into another dimension.

THC range 4%-5%

Big things come in small packages.
Reallyyyyy small packages.

Each pack comes with 14 beautiful pre-rolls. Every single pre-roll is hand packed and stamped.

4.20g per box       .3 pre pre-roll

Whole Flower.
Never trim.

Do we need to say more? A lot of pre-rolls out there will give you the shake from the bottom of the barrell. Not us.

The power of science!

Each box comes with a humidity pack to control the moisture levels of your pre-rolls. You’ll always have fresh flower. Thank you science.